The Legend of Spartan Node Twitter Campaign

A small kingdom in the land of Crypto is engulfed by chaos when an army led by FudNuts, the prince of darkness, invaded and stole the Triforce of Power, one part of a magical artifact which alone bestows great strength. In an attempt to prevent Fudnuts from acquiring the Triforce of Wisdom, it is split into eight fragments and hidden in secret underground dungeons. Crypto needs someone courageous enough to save the kingdom.

That someone is YOU!

Create a killer 80s game themed NFT on NFTbazaar and tweet out the following message with your NFT link to qualify for the contest:

Saving the land of Crypto from Fudnuts with @SpartanICX on the @NFTbazaarIO supporting #NFTartists #cryptoart #NFTCommunity #NFTcollectors #digitalart #nft

Include a picture of your NFT for maximum engagement.

A 5 random winners will be selected to get the following prizes:


1000 LDX — enough to mint 4 NFTs


20 ICX


Contest will stop Saturday at 23:59 GMT

We the best Node…

Spartan Node 4 Lyfe