Spartan Node Weekly Update and Community Shiz

What up bros?! It’s been a busy week here in the Spartan workshop. Dusty and Jon have been busy cooking up our NFT bazaar. Once this is up and running you’ll be able to grab some LDX from the ATM, mint some NFTs and list them for purchase by anyone with an ICX wallet.

Pretty stoked on this as I’m sure you are too.

Cali has been working on a few performance tweaks on the various systems that keep that LDX and ICX flowing to you. We’ve been working out the systems and numbers on the NFT bazaar.

We’re also working on some kickass partnerships to help bring Spartans some more options and a few design projects and a game that go along with the LDX token and the NFT bazaar. Trust me you’ll be PUMPED!

Top Secret Project don’t tell you know who.


In other news, ICX price is currently hovering around $1.90 USD. This is a really good zone for when you get your Spartan Rewards dropped to you. Remember, payouts every Monday between 12PM and 5PM California Time. If you want more drip, you gotta stick. Re-stake, Re-vote, Reward.

Spartan Node will always be the number 1 community run, community supporting, community empowering and community repping P-rep. Believe that…










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