Spartan Node to increase weekly community payouts from 60% to 75%!

Winners build and Success PAYS!

What up bros?! Due to the overwhelming support of the community in building the NFTBazaar as well as updates to Sharkbot and several ICON business initiatives, Spartan Node as a community have continued to develop and bring awareness of ICON as a Main P-Rep. As a community node we couldn’t have done it without the community. So we’re going to give back to the community all of the rewards that they deserve.

We always look to keep Spartan Node sustainable and will adjust rewards with community feedback when conditions and priorities change.

We will have our August community summit that will be announced on the official Twitter and Telegram to discuss several upcoming node initiatives like NFTBazaar promotions/giveaways, CPS proposals and exciting new developments.

Spartan Node will always be the number 1 community run, community supporting, community empowering and community repping P-rep!

Pretenders watch out! Because the community is. Spartan Node 4 lyfe