Spartan Node Hype— Songkran LDX/NFT Giveaway Contest

Are you Bangkok ready???

Spartan Node is all about Thailand. The beaches, the beers, the nightlife, we love it. For our latest giveaway, the bois at Spartan Node are looking to bring the fun and color of the Thai holiday Songkran to ICX Spartans all over the world. We are looking for color and movement in celebration of the Thai New Year and the VERY FIRST NFT Bazaar on the ICON Network.

Spartan Node is going to get wet and wild with this one — — In collaboration with the homie Rocco (@Nakamot42943429 on twitter) — —

90,000 LDX will be shared among 69 lucky winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s some serious NFT minting.

Remember, at opening, on the Spartan Node NFT Bazaar it will be ONLY 250 LDX to mint an NFT… So… carry the 2… That’s 240 NFTs we are giving yall. Damn. You MUST use only LDX to mint, but you will pay and be paid in both ICX and LDX! More details to follow soon…

A few lucky winners will ALSO get early entry to submit their designs to the NFT Bazaar! So flex on those mirin haters, and do it in NFT format. Get noticed by a Spartan Node talent scout and potentially be signed to a lucrative NFT contract!

How to participate:

Make some killer psychedelic art, in still or gif format, with some bright colors, elephants, bright flowers, water fights, wall murals.

Traditional or Trippy

Post as a reply to the official pinned Spartan Node Twitter announcement of the giveaway contest.

You MUST be following: @NFTbazaarIO on twitter

Entries must use some of the following hashtags:

  • #สงกรานต์
  • #SongKran
  • #NFTBazaar
  • #NFT
  • #nftart
  • #crytptoart
  • #Thailand
  • #ICX

Entries may (OPTIONAL) contain the following:

  • Spartan Node helmet
  • Thailand inspired images
  • ICON/ICX materials

The deadline for the Spartan Node NFT/LDX Giveaway contest is April 12th at 11:59 PM California time.

If you want to grab some LDX of your own in the mean time, remember, we have an LDX vending machine for you.

How can I buy LambdaX (LDX)?

Send ICX to the LDX Vending Machine address: cx66f2ed0663d5aa7efe92ab41b1e0e19ac73007a4

It will send you back LDX at a rate of 200 LDX to 1 ICX.

Send 1 ICX, get 200 LDX

Send 2 ICX, get 400 LDX


The bros at Spartan Node can’t wait for Thailand to open up, so let’s share some good vibes with our Thailand Spartans. Special shoutout to the homie Rocco (@Nakamot42943429 on twitter) for sponsoring this massive giveaway. And always remember — Spartan Node… same same, but different.













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