Spartan Node FREEZES LDX burn…

The LDX burn rate has been frozen until the NFT Bazaar is open and a vote can be conducted for the future burn rate. Click over to VOTE!

We are taking a vote on what the time period for a 50% burn of our Proof of Momentum token, LDX, should be set as. Currently it’s set at 48 hours and after some feedback from the community we are putting forth this proposal so the community can decide. Remember, LDX is Proof of Momentum and is designed to foster transactions on the ICON Network so we wish to find a balance between increasing transactions and ease of use for holders and also encouraging engagement and transactions.

NFT Bazaar is coming… soon

The NFT Bazaar site is locked and ready to be loaded. We have a domain and are currently conducting security audits to promise a smooth experience. So, don’t forget to bookmark

Remember hoarding LDX NOW will allow you to mint NFTs on the Spartan Node NFT Bazaar. You can only get LDX by voting for Spartan Node. Or buying from the LDX Vending Machine) You get dropped LDX and ICX every week. So, keep stacking that LDX for the whole month of March and be ready to mint some serious NFTs once the bazaar is open.

You’ll be able to sell your NFTs for more ICX on the bazaar so this is a killer opportunity to invest in yourself. If you can create, you can bank on it, in the bazaar. So, get a fat stack NOW! Why the hell not?










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