Spartan Node April 7th Meeting Minutes

In the spirit of community feedback on governance the April meeting for Spartan Node took place on April 7th. Regular meetings other than the monthly meetings will be scheduled as issues of community governance are required.


Discussions on restarting the LDX burn were brought up and the merits of PoM (Proof of Momentum) and the appropriate burn time was discussed. Suggestion included that any LDX activity including Node rewards qualify for burn reset. Vote taken to Vote left for a later meeting. The LDX burn will continue to be frozen.

NFT Bazaar Open Beta Test

The NFT Bazaar will be open for beta testing. This will be open to candidates to test the bazaar on the ICON Testnet. Sign up for beta test: Google Form

Sign up through 13th to the 19th.

Beta Testers will receive Official Spartan Node OG NFT badges.

NFT Collectibles

A sneak peak of a several Spartan NFT collectibles was released to the meeting participants. If you weren’t there to see it then you’ll just have to wait until release.

It was also discussed that the bazaar would release Loot Crates. These crate would contain special edition NFT collectibles with exclusive content. More to be released and discussed next meeting.

Bazaar AMA with Jon

There will be an AMA with Jon the Legend about all things Bazaar. The AMA will take place on April 13th at 2pm GMT. Stop by the official Telegram to take part.

Remember to stop by the official Spartan Node Telegram for any inquiries and to check out the official Medium for all information related to the node.















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