Spartan Node 4/20 Edition — Massive 2 Pape Stake and Bake ICX Giveaway!!!

Check it. Buy, vote, stake, puff, puff, pass. That's the Spartan Node lifestyle. This holiday season join Spartan Node by getting ready to mint some NFTs! Here’s what you gotta do.

For 4/20 we’re having a massive giveaway! We are having a massive prize pot of 100 ICX and 42,069 LDX!!! There will be 30 winners in total!!

Make some trippy ass wild art. I’ll t r i p p y. Make something cool, wild, savage, gnar or straight up weird. Post that as a reply to the pinned tweet on the @SpartanNode twitter and add these tags.

#nftartists #420 throw’n round some #nft ideas 4 the $ICX #cryptoart bazaar. #puffpuffpass and get your #digitalart for the #NFTBazaar going to #giveaway some $LDX #crypto

We’re given away 100 ICX ($250) and 42,069 LDX to the dankest, most crunchy and tripped out NFT graphics or gifs posted as a reply to the pinned tweet on @SpartanNode on twitter. We will have 30 winners in total. Everyone will get LDX. The top 10 will share the prize pool of ICX.

That’s enough LDX to mint up several sick NFTs. What are you waiting for? Light it up.

Get it all up there by the end of 4/20 California time and we’ll hook you up.


We’ve got a token sale to set those power users up.

Hit up the LDX vending machine to grab some last minute cheap LDX for all your minting needs.

Send ICX to the LDX Vending Machine address: cx66f2ed0663d5aa7efe92ab41b1e0e19ac73007a4

For every 1 ICX you send, you will instantly get back 350 LDX!


Starts April 19 at 00:00 GMT END 24:00 GMT.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to mint a legend.

Spartan Node 4 Lyfe baby! Shit… We just getting started.










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