NFT Bazaar Opening Legends

It’s been less than 2 days since the opening of the NFT bazaar and well over 500 NFTs have been minted! Lots of backing, lots of sales.

The response from the ICON community has been amazing! Everyone who matters has come out to support the NFT Bazaar and cheer on the grass roots movement that is forming around taking back ICON from the suits.

We are humbled and amazed by each and every one of you, from the entire Spartan node crew, thank you!

But enough of the sappy bullshit, what about the NFTs? We have seen some super creative and super wild stuff on the first 2 days…

Here are a few examples of the phenomenal work that has been listed on the marketplace. Click the titles to link to the piece.

By PN Fine Art —

BIFROST 1 of 1 Acrylic — Physical Art Tokenized ownership

By ICX John —

Fuck FUD with customizable templates

By Fgd —


By Tripper —



ICON Propoganda Material v6

By 888WIN888 —


By Sheeeeeesh —

Spartan Babies

By BlackBookLab —

i-SOR 3

This is just a short sample of some of the amazing work being minted on NFT Bazaar. Jump over to and see for yourself, the shit is lit.

Again, we couldn’t have gotten here without the support of Spartan Node voters and the wonderful artists using the NFT Bazaar. We’re proud to be able to give this to the ICON community. You’re the best and you deserve this.

Spartan Node 4 Lyfe!












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