Hello NFT Bazaar!

Spartan Node is proud to present: The premier NFT marketplace on the ICON Network.

You want to know everything about the new NFT Bazaar, here’s a fat FAQ and how to for you… Enjoy!

Let’s go!

Head on over to https://nftbazaar.io

  • Connect your ICONex wallet (full MyIconWallet support soon).
  • NFT minting costs 250 LDX tokens.
  • Purchase price in ICX ONLY!
  • Back Popular NFTs for a share of the profits!
  • Earn Badass Badges to show off your NFT creds.


Supported File Types are JPG, PNG, WEBP, MP4 and MOV.

Storage space for content is whopping 50 MB! Allowing you to connect a lot of content to your NFT!

All NFT content requires verification to prevent malicious content from being posted. Any questions please refer to the NFT Bazaar TOS.

LDX is needed to mint NFTs. You can receive LDX by voting for Spartan Node or purchasing through the vending machine in the bazaar.


ICX is used whether it’s a purchase or a bid. All purchases need to be approved by the seller to be final.

Why NFT Bazaar?

A Gamified Marketplace where traders help pick the winners!

Backing allows the community to support the most popular NFTs and get a share of a pool.


Here’s to you Spartans. Enjoy!

Compliments of the Spartan Node Fam. Happy Birthday Dusty!
















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