UPDATE: The LDX Burn in now FROZEN. You can now stack with impunity.

Welcome to Proof of Momentum


Today we introduce the world’s first Proof of Momentum (PoM) coin, LambdaX (LDX). Proof of Momentum is an idea that drives transactions. An idea that encourages rewarding inspiration. An idea that creates a token that is meant to be traded. A token that’s made to be tipped. A token that wants to be given away. A token that MUST keep moving… Because if it’s not moving, if it loses momentum, it goes away.

Straight Tokenomics

This token concept can be applied anywhere where the focus is on transactions, involvement, interaction and collaboration.

How does LambdaX work?

LambdaX is meant to encourage transactions on the ICX public chain. It is meant to be given to people on twitter for creating great content. It is meant to be passed around to friends until one of them messes up and gets it all burned. LDX was invented to energize ICX transactions and drive inspiration among the ICON community, and that’s what it’s about to do.

How can I buy LambdaX (LDX)?

The HODL era is over

Get in… And welcome to the world of momentum.