UPDATE: The LDX Burn in now FROZEN. You can now stack with impunity.

Welcome to Proof of Momentum

Today Spartan Node is stoked to announce a hot new idea, Proof of Momentum (PoM). Proof of Momentum is a concept invented by Spartan Node co-founders CaliCryptoCo and Dusty. The concept is very simple, under the PoM model, if a coin stops moving, if it sits in a wallet for too long, if it loses momentum over a certain period of time, it is automatically burned… Permanently. PoM coins have an expiration date.


HODL… HOLD… HOLD this, hodl that… That’s all people talk about nowadays in the crypto game. Spartan Node is here to change all that. We say, DON’T HOLD!

Straight Tokenomics

This concept creates an extremely deflationary ecosystem, making a PoM token’s rarity and value ever increasing. Proof of Momentum is a concept that is meant to energize the movement of coins, and punish hodling. It’s an idea that spurs giving, and shuns keeping. It’s all about sending and interaction. It’s an anti-hodl coin.

How does LambdaX work?

Once you receive LambdaX into your wallet, the clock starts ticking. You have 2 days (48 hours) to send it to someone else, give it away, tip it to someone, pass it along… whatever. If that LDX sits idle and loses momentum for 2 days, 50% of your stack will be burned. After another 2 days, 50% more is burned. After another 2 days, 50% more is burned… Until it’s all gone. So send someone a tip on telegram, send your girl some, give your homie on twitter a couple.

How can I buy LambdaX (LDX)?

Sending ICX to the token contract cx66f2ed0663d5aa7efe92ab41b1e0e19ac73007a4 will send you back LDX at a rate of 250 LDX to 1 ICX.

The HODL era is over

Man, you know if Spartan Node is involved, it’s about to be some fire. You down with Spartan Node yet?