Encrypt Your Icon Wallet Keys and Host Them On Icon: Never Lose Your Keys.

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4 min readAug 23, 2021


Spartan Node — Dusty’s Corner

Anyone that’s been in crypto long enough has to worry about a few things. First of all if you don’t have your wallet keys, it isn’t your crypto. Trusting an exchange to hold your Icon or any other asset, is a huge risk if the exchange becomes hacked or compromised so it’s in your best interest to have your Icon in your own wallet or on a Ledger.

Having all that power in your own hands means that you are now responsible for keeping and backing your wallet and in the world of technology anything can happen. You can lose your wallet keys in several ways such as being hacked, a drive failure, or losing an unsecured device to theft.

It’s best to keep your keystore file to your wallet on a USB in a safe but I am going to show you today how to safely encrypt your Icon Wallet passphrase and put that on the Icon Network itself.

Should something terrible happen having your encrypted keys hosted on Icon itself means that you never will have to worry about losing your funds in a centralized exchange or hack or theft of your device(s). So let’s get into this and encrypt our wallet key and put that on Icon itself.

Here we will be encrypting our wallet passphrase with AES 256 encryption which is unbreakable by almost any metric. It’s rock solid encryption and easy as pie.

First off create a wallet:

Then head to our hosted AES 256 Encryption/Decryption tool:

Then paste your wallet passphrase in the box and create a password you will remember and hit encrypt:

Then test decrypting it:

Let’s see if it decrypts, you’ll know it does if your key matches. I redacted mine for safety here since this is public:

So great, our wallet passphrase encryption is working. Now we can host that on Icon itself with a simple transaction. Just send yourself a few ICX with the encrypted passphrase in the data field:

Now save the transaction like this:

Which in our case is on the Icon Network now at this address:

So now the encrypted passphrase is forever hosted on Icon itself meaning as long as you have your transaction saved somewhere and remember your encryption password you will never lose your wallet.

From now on you can just load that transaction and copy that Data and then head back over to our encryption tool and decrypt it.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to use our tool to keep your passwords safe and secure while using Icon itself. If you have any questions hit me up on our Telegram Channel!

I’ll cover converting images to base64 next so you can host images on Icon easily next.

Dusty — Spartan Node