ALERT: MASSIVE LDX EVENT!!! And Payday Stats — a twofer

Spartan Node will hold a 24 HOUR LambdaX FLASH SALE!!!

How can I buy LambdaX (LDX) during the FLASH SALE on the 19th?


Send ICX to the LDX Vending Machine address: cx66f2ed0663d5aa7efe92ab41b1e0e19ac73007a4


It will send you back LDX at a rate of 350 LDX to 1 ICX.


Sometimes you just gotta leave it be to not get hit. Speaking of which, back on April 12, 1967 Mick Jagger was punched in the face by an airport official during a disagreement at Le Bourget Airport in France. Jagger lost his temper after the Rolling Stones were being searched for drugs resulting in them missing their flight. If the homie at the airport would have just chilled and left the bags alone everything would have been fine. Moral of the story, keep your bags packed with Spartan Node and we’ll deliver.

NFT Bazaar Beta TEST

Preparations for the NFT Bazaar Beta Test are in action. We’ve got a crew of intrepid Spartans ready to venture where no Spartan has minted before. Details on the progress of the test and launch date will be released. You probably can figure out the date though.

NFT Bazaar AMA with the Legendary Jon Do

Jon Do Spartan Node Lead Developer is taking some time for an AMA on April 13th at 5pm GMT, 1PM EDT. We will talk all things NFT Bazaar. Jump into the official Telegram Channel and get your questions ready.

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